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Hubbard placed a massive level of worth about the symbols contained in “the R6 lender” — this number of “implants” put in in All people on earth seventy five million a long time back. Below he is speaking about this matter, once again in 1968:

But Penny, there are many factors that happen to be destructive. The person whose fingers you area your spiritual life WAS seeking suicide to deal with his suffering. Is this wisdom?

No other religion forces CHILDREN into their harshest orders, or threatens customers of such orders with mega-dollar invoices for companies supposedly rendered although inside the get, and disconnection from their have family members if they opt to leave.

IDK, All I can do is continue to hope for your working day when they eventually wake up and see what’s been there together.~ blackwhiteplanet _℃om ~~~~~ is for Many upscale Adult men and exquisite

i don’t give credit to any man, female, or some courses for something favourable in my life. i give God the praise as well as glory. and when that makes some awkward, sorry, that's not my intention.

Mike as the New 12 months makes it’s physical appearance,you have this type of profound & perfectly composed piece on Ron and his Recreation.It really made me check out some extremely acquainted photographs from decades in the past in another brighter light.Ron just loved his have viewpoint much he was willing to sacrifice quite a few on his altar.My very first weeks in Sea Org @ Asho F,no-one particular fairly understood where by to put me.So Apart from managing the folding device Yikes! I also received to accomplish Distinctive drills thinking of I had A lot catching up to perform possessing not been in org or mission prior.At one particular level a GO/ Information was the Org board title but read Intelligence stopped by the place I was in a training course table and basically mentioned,Two points Ann.

God bless you for this remark, it amazes me to no end how the media has made a detrimental frenzy about this religion and Nearly Absolutely everyone acquired carried absent hook line and sinker. I am 100% christian, but also open minded. I look at religion has a cube with the Sunlight shining on it and scientology church beliefs guy on best a hill.

I have been a Scientologist for more than 30 yrs and I am African American. Scientology continues to be of fantastic assistance to me. L. Ron Hubbard was a brilliant philosopher who uncovered a practical way that will help people rise over the problems in the physical world and their personal mental and spiritual boundaries. The people today talked about in the following paragraphs really should Offer you some sign of how Scientology will help. A single of numerous L. Ron Hubbard’s enduring legacies was The reality that he aided numerous countless numbers from all walks of life, to have off and stay off drugs. He was also pretty vocal in his criticism about the dangerous effects of psychiatric “treatments”, which include their drugs, on an individual,physically, mentally and spiritually.

" She was then explained to she will be Cruise' girlfriend, but the relationship soon ended. Boniadi apparently signed a non-disclosure settlement with the Church and has given that become a very well-recognized actress in "Homeland," "Iron Man," among scientology beliefs about medicine the other movies and exhibits.

“Just before my familiarity with Scientology and the various resources and technologies it would make accessible, I was extremely fast paced, heading everywhere you go in a snail’s pace. I had been taking part in conceal-and-look for with myself, a very disheartening game. But that recreation is above as well as the aggravation that accompanied it really is managed.

Once again, it begins with an “suitable truth of the matter” – “the cross has prolonged been a image utilized by gentleman and the scientology cross has eight points to stand for Each individual of your dynamics.”

When somebody enrolls, think about he / she has joined up for your length of the universe—in no way permit an “open-minded” strategy. If they’re about scientology beliefs drinking to Stop allow them to quit rapid.

Hubbard place the volcano on the quilt of Dianetics subsequent to “identifying” OT III in 1967 and it has remained there at any time given that.

It’s hilarious to me the volume of Christians and Muslims who criticize Scientology as crazy bullisht. It can be crazy bullisht, but Examine oneself. The major religions with the world aren’t A great deal saner, and haven’t accomplished the masses a lot better. SMH.

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